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My mission is to utilize my gifts so that others may uncover and develop theirs. I live this out daily through my life as an Entrepreneur, Motivator, and Pastor. Being well versed in the areas of Business, Strategy, and Leadership I strive to impart wisdom and incite creativity into those I have the opportunity to meet and speak to.

I delight in the opportunity to live this life to its fullest each day.


This is


Better is a movement organization designed to empower others to touch everything reachable.  Often, we imagine and even envision, yet, we miss the motivation for manifestation. Through the power of Better we cause movement towards achievable goals in the lives of individuals, organizations, and companies and seek to develop the greater from within.


Why Book Miki

A brilliant motivational speaker and riveting storyteller, Miki leads

audiences to a deep state of listening, allowing them to experience and

process the content within their own environments and thus immediately

integrate it in their personal and professional life.

Miki’s delivery is entrancing, no gimmicks; just the power of the spoken word that comes deep from the heart. The impact is lasting and the learning sustained.

Growth, Transformation, & Breakthrough

A visionary entrepreneur, Miki moves her audience through insights and realizations that result in deep transformation.

Insights to Business, Personal, & Spiritual Success

Purpose driven leader with a passion for sharing thought provoking and inspiration for any topic.

Messages Resonate

Audiences Respond

Heading 1

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MOtivational Moments

Daily morning segment that airs live on Facebook and Instagram at 8:00am

These dynamic segments are designed to help one master their mind so they can move their mouth and begin to manifest everything they desire!

"Motivational Moments let's me know that I'm not alone and that there is an entire tribe who wants more."

Jacquelyn Henry

"I'm so blessed by these Motivational Moments daily all the way in California."

Kim Alvarado Gutierrez (Your Farm Girl)

"These Motivational Moments pushed me in so many ways and was right on time, while finishing up my Masters."

Latrisha Gunn

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Miki Collier


1018 Missouri Ave. St. 7

St. Robert, MO 65584

Tel: 573-336-2266


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