About miki

Miki Collier is no stranger to transforming lives. Although Mrs. Collier is multifaceted there are two areas that are close to her heart.  As a native of Kansas City, Missouri she currently resides in Missouri with Tim Collier, her husband of 26 years, a military veteran.  Together they are transforming the lives of their three wonderful children (Tim, Jr., Brian and Maya) and the many Spiritual Children they have birthed Through Metamorphosis Outreach Empowerment Center also known as MOEC located in St. Robert and Springfield.


Miki's mission is to live life on purpose while inspiring,  motivating, and empowering others through speaking, writing, igniting seminars and life lessons. Miki is a mother, wife, Pastor, coach, business owner, and writer. She has extensively traveled the world serving in communities as an inspirational teacher, and motivator of people of various ages as well as cultural and social backgrounds. 


Miki found her passion for transforming lives as she attended school at Central Missouri State University and Thomas Nelson College in Virginia. These foundations lead her to pursue in-depth training and become a graduate of Ministerial School. As the founder of Metamorphosis Outreach Empowerment Center, a center developed to help transform lives, her extensive background as a motivational speaker and trainer in all areas of leadership and personal empowerment—Miki's gift of life transformation, has proven invaluable. 


She currently serves as a life coach to successful business people around the U.S.  Additionally, Miki is a business owner of the Southern Spice Cafe in St. Robert, Mo. Formerly Miki was the motivational radio personality on KFLW 98.9-The Fort, and contributed to write several publications, (The Patriot, Exoyvia, The Daily Guide, The Connection).  She is definitely a mover and shaker who captivates all those who hear her, causing lives to change.  Miki’s personal mission is “to help transform lives, teaching people to walk in victory in all areas of life,” and her mission’s goals are often attained by way of hands-on community involvement, life coaching, inspiring seminars and pastoring a dynamic body of believers at Metamorphosis Outreach Empowerment Center.


Mrs. Miki Collier is an empowering and dynamic speaker with a multitude of talents and gifts.  She has empowered people not only on a national level but on an international level also.  Miki hosts several conferences a year fostering entrepreneurs and empowering self development.  She has often been called a “fire starter” and a “midwife” of her time as she helps others birth their dreams. Miki is an active member of the St. Robert/Waynesville community and annually partners with Snack in the Pack which provides meals to school-age children. Metamorphosis Outreach also feeds the community the first Sunday of each month in two locations through Pass the Plate.  Miki is also active with Skyview Heights which provides holiday baskets and monthly meals to their retirement community.


Mrs. Collier has a passion for people and strives to make them “B.E.T.T.E.R” through “Loving the People and leading them to Christ”.