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Mentorship & Coaching Program


Our Services
  • If you want more, MORE is out there.
    10 min
    Free Consultation
  • Virtual sessions With Pastor Miki and/or Elder Tim
    30 min

There is a great demand for Miki to mentor #BETTERAGENTS all over the globe. Here is where you set up your free consultation. Please note: These consultations will be really brief.

Are you ready to level up from just thinking about it to manifesting it? Just "Say Yes" in my 1980's voice with my 2018 moves. Let's get what's in your head into your hands with my help. Spend six weeks working with me so we can start you on the path to manifesting what you desire. Information is everywhere yet, you need motivation with practical application. Allow me to help you get there. Here is what's amazing, it's your vision...I'm just your mind motivator one on one.

Is it really that easy? Yes it is! You will be amazed at how much you can get done with a mind motivator helping you transform your dreams into production. Why do you think they have workout coaches, vocal coaches, shooting coaches? Because they know that whats in them is greater than what they see and they invest in themselves so someone can help pull it out. This is not fluff, this is faith in motion not with a crowd, it's personal and powerful.

Set up an appointment and see if this is something for you. I will chat with you for a few and if it's something you decide you want to do then hit the button and lets go. You can set up your appointment at Remember the chat is brief because being in the presence of a mind motivator is easily turned into a paid session. Stop wasting your dreams and start manifesting them. It Can Be Done.

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